Stainaway Fabrics

Stainaway Fabrics

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Characteristics of Fabrics treated with GS stain away PROVIDED a spilling is cleansed immediately with a sponge or absorbent towel immersed in lukewarm water, fabrics treated with GS stain away withstand stains either water based (such as coffee, soft drinks, wines) or oil based (such as mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard etc.). It is essential that all spots and spillings are taken care of immediately.

It is highly recommended that as soon as you notice spots or spillings to softly clean those, taking care not to soak nor to rub the fabric hardly but gently in circular movements.

The GS stain away acts as an active stain resistant and durable product giving you the necessary time to remove the spilling and consequently restore the fabric in its original look and appearance provided you take care of the spot or spilling ASAP.

Some stains such as blood, chocolate, ballpoint ink or butter require washing, provided the fabric is treated with a washable fire retardant. In all other cases, professional cleaning is recommended.

Stains as shoe polish, permanent marker or tapenade cannot be removed due to the nature of the stains.

As GS stain away is applied during finishing process in the production plant, GSF cannot accept any liability or be held responsible for any interaction or chemical reaction caused by any posterior treatment or use of dissolvent substances.

Green street fabrics Guarantee

Above guarantee is valid for a period of two (2) years of general domestic end use, commencing on the date of original purchase whereby GSF guarantees to replace any fabric which is found to be faulty as a result of a manufacturing defect, provided the fabric has been used in accordance with GSF care instructions.

All our fabrics are tested in our laboratory in accordance with the British Standards for general domestic end use, such as martindale, pilling*, colour fastness to light and seam slippage.

Pilling is a typical phenomenon in structure weave fabrics. Pilling is usually caused by the clustering of small fiber particles of dust from clothing on top of the upholstery fabric creating small balls. Next to pilling some fabrics have the property that fibers are raised in use. No real pilling is formed, however, this effect will result in a fluffy look of the surface of the fabric. It is usually a temporary phenomenon and both pilling balls as well as the raised fibers can be easily removed with lint-clippers (pilling razors).
Even after repetitive treatment, the shaving of the excess yarn does not influence the quality and the properties of the fabric.Harder yarns such as yarn with natural fibers and fabrics with coarser / rougher structures tend to pilling faster than others.

  • Vacuum on a regular base with special upholstery furniture brush.
  • Wipe your furniture on a regular base using a damp cloth.
  • Have your furniture cleaned once a year by a specialized furniture care company.
  • Always protect your furniture from the direct influx of UV radiation (sunlight or halogen light) to avoid discoloration.
  • Place your furniture away from the immediate vicitiny of a heat source.
  • Keep your domestic animals and pets away from the furniture as otherwise this will render any guarantee void.
  • Regularly change the cushions around from one part to the other in addition to turning them over.
  • Try to maintain the humidity level in the room.
  • Damage such as pulled loops (pulled loops must be worked into the back of the fabric, do not cut or not pull these out) or other, caused by sharp objects and/or bracelets, zips, buttons, buckles, nails… etc. are not covered by the GSF garantee.
  • damage caused by pets.
  • soiling due to insufficient regular care and cleaning.
  • discolouring of the cover caused by other textiles with insufficient Colourfastness (e.g. jeans, …)
  • damage caused by the influence of heat (hot waterbottles, electric blankets, hot liquids, hot objects, etc.)
  • damage caused by improper cleaning methods.
  • pressure marks (these are inherent characteristics of every pile/chenille weave).
  • The faint strié effect contributes to the lively appearance of the fabric, and is not due to a flaw in the upholstery fabric.
  • Please note: In case of application of additional substances or finishes (e.g. anti-stain finish)
  • Green Street Fabrics guarantee does not apply and is no longer valid.
  • Please note by washing: (provided the fabric is treated with a washable fire retardant)
    • Velcro fastenings can stick to the fabric in wrong places during washing or dry cleaning and cause damage.
      In order to avoid this make sure Velcro fastenings are done up before washing.
    • The washing machine should not loaded to full capacity.
    • The spin cycle should not be set at more than 800 RPM.