Upholstery and deco fabrics

Upholstery and deco Fabrics

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Exclusive upholstery and decorative fabrics for every interior

We love making your customers feel at home. That’s why it gives us so much joy to design and manufacture exclusive upholstery and decorative fabrics. High-end jacquard interior fabrics in all kinds of colours, designs and styles for homes, restaurants, bars, hotels or recreational vehicles. You name it, we create it.

Designer fabrics for upholstery and decorative purposes

Upholstery fabrics bring furniture to life. Decorative fabrics turn places into pleasant spots. Both are of great value for everyday living at home and for contract use. We are fully aware of that and strive hard to craft textiles we’re proud of. From luxurious upholstery fabrics for chairs and sofas to cushion fabrics. We even create the perfect custom-made curtain, rug, and sustainable fabrics for your project.

Our furnishing fabrics are all unique, but they share the same qualities:

Contract fabrics

We manufacture exclusive upholstery and deco fabrics which are entirely adapted to the requirements of the contract market. Our contract fabrics are perfect for the interior design of restaurants, bars, hotels, cruise liners and recreational vehicles. This way, your customers can get comfortable and cosy in style and in safety.

Stylish plain structured fabrics

Less is more, they say. And it’s true. Our structured plain-weave fabrics excel in their simplicity. No complex patterns, no intricate designs. Just one, recurrent weaving technique: interlacing the threads alternately. These much-loved solid fabrics are ideal for upholstery and they add sophistication and charm to every interior.

Wallstreet collection

Do you have a slightly smaller budget? Then our Wallstreet collection is what you’re looking for. These unique furnishing fabrics exist in various styles, designs and an extensive range of colours, but they’re produced with lower-priced materials.

Decorative fabrics

We love to experiment with colours and designs. So that’s exactly what we did to create our collection of deco fabrics. By blending the most splendid colours and designs, we craft the most extraordinary textiles. For throw pillows, plaids, wall decoration and more. They look stunning in every private home or commercial space.

Curious about our exclusive
upholstery and deco fabrics?

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